Alexander  Lazarevich Lokshin

List of compositions
  1. "Les fleurs du mal",  Vocal-Symphonic Poem for Soprano and Symphony Orchestra (SO). Verses by Charles Baudelaire
       Premiere: 1939 Moscow (?), cond. Nikolai Anosov, soloist V. Khlynovskaya 
  2. "Wait for Me", Vocal-Symphonic Poem for Mezzo-Soprano and SO. Verses by Konstantin Simonov. (1942, 22 min)

  3.    Premiere: 1943, Novosibirsk, cond. Evgeny Mravinsky, soloist E. Verbitskaya.
  4. "Altai suite" for SO. (score lost)
  5. "The Hungarian Fantasy" for Violin and SO. Muzgiz, 1958. (1952, 15 min)

  6.    Premiere: 1952, Moscow, State Radio Orchestra, cond. Kurt Zanderling, soloist Julian Sitkovetsky
  7. Variations for Piano. Muzgiz, 1956. (1953, 24 min, dedicated to Maria Grinberg
  8. Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet. Muzgiz, 1958.(1955, 23 min, revised 1974)

  9.    Premiere: 1960, Moscow, Komitas-Quartet and Ivan Mozgovenko, clarinet
  10. Symphony No.1 (Requiem) for SO and Mixed Choir. On the medieval Latin text (Dies irae...). (1957, 43 min)

  11.    Premiere: 1987, Bournemouth, Bournemouth Choir and SO, cond. Rudolf Barshai
  12.  "In Jungles", Suite for SO (music for the film by Alexander Zguridi) (1960? lots of other film musics later)

  13.    Premiere: State Radio SO, cond. Arvid Jansons
  14. "Tarakanische" ("Giant Cockroach"), brief comic oratorium for SO and Mixed Choir. Words by Korney Tchukovsky. (1962, 12 min)

  15.    Never performed, not printed
  16. Symphony No.2 (Greek Epigrams). Words by ancient Greek poets. For SO and Mixed Choir. (1963, 33 min)

  17.    Premiere: 1963, Moscow, Bol'shoy SO, cond. Arvid Jansons
  18. Symphony No.3 for SO, Baritone and Man's Chorus. Verses by R.Kipling. (1966, 32 min)

  19.    Premiere: 1979, London, Choir and SO of BBC, cond. Gennady Rozhdestvensky, soloist Steven Roberts
  20. Symphony No.4 (Sinfonia stretta) for SO. (1968, 15 min)

  21.    Premiere: 1976, Moscow, State Radio Orchestra, cond.Rudolf Barshai
  22. "Vo ves' golos" ("Speaking out-loud"), Vocal-Symphonic Poem for Bass and SO. Verses by Vladimir Mayakovsky. (1968, 20 min)

  23.   Premiere: 1969, Moscow, cond. Arvid Jansons, soloist Mikhail Ryba
  24. Symphony No.5 (Shakespeare's Sonnets) for Baritone, String Orchestra and a Harp. (1969, 17 min)

  25.    Premiere: 1969, Moscow, Moscow Chamber Orchestra, cond. Rudolf Barshai, soloist Jan Kratow 
  26. Symphony No.6 for Baritone, SO and Mixed Chorus. Verses by Alexander Block (in Russian). (1971, 40 min)

  27.    Never performed
  28. Symphony No.7 for Contralto and Chamber Orchestra. Verses by ancient Japanese poets lyricsMuzyka, 1980. (1972, 20 min)

  29.    Premiere: 1973, Moscow, Moscow Chamber Orchestra, cond. Rudolf Barshai, soloist Nina Grigorieva
  30. "Margaret's Songs" for Soprano and SO. Verses by Boris Pasternak (translation of Goethe's Faust) lyrics (1973, 22 min)

  31. (The composition presents the third scene from "Three Scenes from Goethe's Faust", see below)
       Premiere: 1974, Moscow, Moscow Chamber Orchestra, cond. Rudolf Barshai, soloist Ludmila Sokolenko.
  32. Symphony No.8 for Tenor and SO. Verses by Alexander Pushkin ("The Songs of western Slavs"). (1973, 28 min)

  33.    Premiere: 1987, Moscow, Radio Orchestra, cond. Vladimir Ziva, soloist Alexei Martynov.
  34. Symphony No.9 for Baritone and String Orchestra. Verses by Leonid Martynov lyrics (1975, 23 min)

  35.    Premiere: 1976, Moscow, Moscow Chamber Orchestra, cond. Rudolf Barshai, soloist Yury Grigoriev
  36. Symphony No.10 for Contralto, Mixed Chorus and SO. Verses by Nikolai Zabolotsky lyrics (1976, 33 min)

  37.     Premiere: 1976, Moscow, Moscow Chamber Orchestra, cond. Rudolf Barshai, Moscow Boy's Choir (artistic director Boris Tevlin), soloist Nina Grigorieva
  38. Symphony No.11 for Soprano and Chamber Orchestra.  Verses by Louis Camoens. Sovetsky Kompozitor, 1983. (1976, 21 min)

  39.   Premiere: 1980, Moscow, Soloist's Ensemble of the State SO, cond. Gennady Rozhdestvensky, soloist Ludmila Sokolenko. 
  40. "Mater Dolorosa" for Mixed Chorus and SO. Words from Anna Akhmatova'a "Requiem" and Russian Funeral Service. (1977, 23 min, dedicated to victims of GULAG and nazi concentration camps)

  41.   Premiere (with Russian text): 1995, St.Petersburg, Orchestra and Choir of the State Capella St.Petersburg, cond. Alexander Chernushenko, soloist Galina Dolbonos.

  42. String Quintet for two violins, two violas and cello (in memory of Dmitry Shostakovich). Sovetsky Kompositor, 1982. (1978, 23 min)

  43.    Premiere: 1978, Moscow, Prokofiev Quartet and Evgeny Ozhogin
  44. "Three Scenes from Goethe's Faust" for Soprano and SO. Verses by Boris Pasternak (translation of Goethe's "Faust"). Sovetsky Kompositor, 1991. (1980, 36 min)

  45.    Premiere: 1998 Köln, Ensemble "Resonanz", cond. Rudolf Barshai, soloist Elena Prokina
  46. Quintet "From Lyrics by François Villon" for Tenor and String Quartet. Russian text by Ilya Ehrenburg. (1981, 13 min)

  47.    Premiere: 1986, Moscow, Prokofiev Quartet, soloist Alexei Martynov
  48. "The Art of Poetry" for Soprano and Chamber Orchestra . Verses by Nikolai Zabolotsky. Ed. Clavir, "Soviet composer", 1990. (1981, 9 min)

  49.   Premiere: 1981, Moscow, Ensemble of Soloists of the Moscow Bol'shoy Theater, cond. Alexander Lazarev, soloist Klara Kadinskaya
  50. Prélude and Theme with Variations for Piano. (1982, 7 min, dedicated to Elena Kuschnerova)

  51.    Premiere: 1982, Moscow, Elena Kuschnerova
  52. Three Poems by Fyodor Sologub for Soprano and Piano lyrics (1983, 13 min)

  53.   Premiere 11 January 1989, Moscow, Rachmaninov Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, Raisa Levina (soprano) and Elena Kuschnerova (piano) 
  54. Symphonietta No.l for Tenor and Chamber Orch. (1983). Verses by Igor Severyanin. 13 min.

  55.   Premiere 1986, Moscow, Ensemble of soloists of the Moscow Stanislavsky & Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theater, cond. Mikhail Jurovsky, soloist Nikolai Kurpe
  56. Variations for Bass and Orchestra (On the early verses by Nikolai Tikhonov). (1983, 13 min)

  57.    Premiere: 1993, Moscow, cond. Albert Mishurin, soloist Vyacheslav Pochapsky
  58. String Quartet (a version of the String Quintet of 1978). (1984, 23 min)

  59.    Never performed
  60. Symphonietta No.2 for Soprano and Chamber Orchestra.  Verses by Fyodor Sologub lyrics (1985, 13-15 min)

  61.   Premiere: 1988, Moscow, Orchestra of the Moscow Experimental Theater, cond. Eduard Gulbis, soloist Raisa Levina