Alexander  L. Lokshin

  • Marina Lobanova & Ernst Kuhn: Ein unbekanntes Genie, Der Symphoniker Alexander Lokschin Verlag Ernst Kuhn, Berlin, 2002. A collection of articles about the life and music of A. L. Lokshin by different authors (in German) 
  • Alexander A. Lokshin: "Geniy zla" (chastnoe rassledovanie) ["Genius of the Evil" (private investigation)], Moscow, 2001, including "Byt' mozhet, vyzhivu" ["Probably I will survive"] by A. A. Lokshin and contributions of other authors. History of persecutions of A. L. Lokshin written by his son and recollections of composer's friends (in Russian) Download the complete text in MS Word here (Those who use Windows 95/98/NT but do not use MS Word can download the free MS Word viewer from the Microsoft site or from here)
  • N. Ya. Myaskovsky: Articles, Letters, Memoires, Moscow, 1959, Ed. S. Schlifstein ( in Russian)
  • N. Ya. Myaskovsky, M. V. Yudina, R. B. Barshai, B. I. Tischenko, T. I. Apraksina et al on the composer A. L. Lokshin, Moscow, 1998, Ed. Igor Karpinsky (in Russian)


(A number of musicological articles on A. L. Lokshin and an extensive bibliography can be found in the collection by M. Lobanova and E. Kuhn.)